Buderim Ginger Rebrand

It was a great experience re-branding one of Queensland's iconic brands, Buderim Ginger. Our success came with a combination of a handcrafted typeface and a striking ginger colour selection. This allowed us to pay homage to the brand’s heritage as well as introduce a contemporary influence.

Led By Design created a distinct formula for various packaging executions from their famous Ginger Beer range, all the way through to their confectionary range of Ginger Gummy Bears.

  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Creative Direction
  • Logo & Identity
  • Packaging
  • Point of Sale
Buderim Ginger1-sm
Buderim Ginger2-sm
Buderim Ginger3-sm
Buderim Ginger4-sm
Buderim Ginger5-sm

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